Meet Adria Walker- CEO & Founder of the Natural Hair Company Ecoslay!

In today’s episode, I chat it up with special guest speaker Adria Walker! She is the CEO/Founder of the natural hair company Ecoslay. Adria Walker is a wife and mother of three never imagined that “Entrepreneur” would one day be added to her list of accomplishments. She began her natural hair journey 16 years ago, when there weren’t many products on the market for natural hair. After many unsuccessful & expensive attempts to find a “holy grail” product, Adria being an avid gardener, was thrilled when she discovered that natural ingredients worked far better for her own hair. After this realization , her natural hair company Ecoslay was born! 

Now in over 30 global retailers, Adria talks about her start to building an empire, her respect for the environment and how important it is to know what you are putting in and on your body. Let’s get into it!


Adria says thank you for listening! Use promocode: SCOOP for 20% off your purchase!


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