How to get your natural hair back to a healthier state: Building a Regimen

Hi there! I’m so excited about this episode as I often get messages from people who are either returning natural, or coming from some type of set back with their hair. Whether its from over processing the hair with color, neglect from protective styling, or heat damage, its usually something related to either of those described. But the main thing is that people really want to know how to get their natural hair back to a healthier state. So I wanted to break this down for you to help you along your journey, because without a hair regimen in place, I really don’t think my hair would be as healthy as it is today or as long. I’ve literally had the same routine since going completely natural in 2015 and although my products have definitely changed over the years, my regimen has not. I believe that .. that’s a key thing to note because it’s yielded me the results I have with my hair today.

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