The BEST Co-Washes for Natural Hair!

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For those of you that co-wash often due to busy lifestyles, working out, or just in the need of an extended wash date, I put together a list of some of my favorite co-washes! Now although I don’t typically use co-washes all year round, they do have their place in my regimen whenever I go on vacation. I know you all are used to hearing me say that co-washes aren’t the best for everyday use and although that still holds true, you have to do what works for you and your hair. I just recommend being very careful with having hair that is soaking wet everyday, even if it does dry, to avoid getting hygral fatigue (weakens the strands).

I think co-washes do have their place especially when it comes to working out in the summer time when its hot enough, you just aren’t quite ready for a full on hair wash day or you’ll be away on a short vacation. If I don’t have my hair in box braids, my go to vacation hair style is the wash and go. I typically travel to places that are sunny and hot so, I love bringing along a co-wash because lets be honest, I am not doing an entire wash day production on vacation (or at least I’ll try my hardest not to LOL). But I love co-washing my hair because it encourages even more curl clumping for my wash and go’s, due to the fact that its mainly a conditioner.

I love to revamp and refresh if I’d been out all day site seeing and maybe got sweaty, or got my hair wet at the beach or pool. If any beach water or pool water gets in my hair, then of course that would require me to use a shampoo instead. But other than that, a co-wash is typically all I need. So lets get into my list of FAVORITE co-washes that I absolutely LOVE and recommend! Tune in now!

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