How CEO/Founder Dafina Smith of Covet & Mane creates the ultimate hair enhancement experience, while dominating a multi-million dollar industry!

In today’s episode, I catch up with CEO/Founder Dafina Smith of Covet & Mane! Founded in 2019, Covet & Mane is the world’s first line of customizable hand-tied hair extensions! Covet & Mane’s patent pending cut point wefts allow hairstylists to cut and tailor hair extensions to fit each of the clients individual needs. Dafina describes her wefts as the ultimate hair enhancement created to fit the clients head for a natural, undetectable, shed and tangle free experience.

Dafina Smith is challenging and changing the way we view the hair extension industry, through her innovative products made with the specific needs of the client in mind. Her passion is personal, heartfelt, inspiring and I can’t wait for you to hear how Dafina built her empire.

In this episode, Dafina Smith gets candid about:

  • What led her through her own journey of self discovery and entrepreneurship, due to unpleasant experiences with her hair growing up.
  • How she was able to identify, correct and perfect the flaws that are continuously overlooked within the multi-million dollar hair extension industry, to create the ultimate hair enhancement experience for her clients.
  • How she was able to push through the Imposter Syndrome by using the practice of mindfulness and guided meditation.

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion and I’m sure you will to!

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